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Our accreditations.

MKNCC Global is a recognised awarding body of TQUK and Qualifi. We also have MKNCC GLOBAL Hubs, which means we partner with recognised Hubs in India and its various cities, Pakistan, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Oman to market, deliver and recruit students onto our online platform so they can have an academic progression route to International Universities.

MKNCC Global provides flexible and suitable pathways to study internationally recognised degrees for any student, anywhere in the world.

MKNCC Global is partnered with a long established niche London practice, recognised as one of the leading immigration law firms in the UK. It has a team of specialist lawyers and support staff of great ability and experience which brings the best support to our international students applications for Tier 4 Student Visa and other immigration services.

We provide services to students and simplify their application process to universities. Our recruitment partners are Universities.

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Our target.

From Cambridge to the World! MKNCC Global is the most creative private higher education organisation, recognised and working in partnership with leading UK awarding bodies and assisting students with their educational journey to leading international universities.

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