Education guidance for learners

We are shaping the future of our students like no other.

Free admission procedures

Unlike many educational instututions, MKNCC Global does not charge to take student applications. We will never charge students to take their file.

You can study with us, complete a course with us, leading to a university degree course and unlocking your full potential.

We also have access to all the UK University’s admission programmes, so you can fully explore your opportunities and options, with our expert guidance.


We assist in applying for the Visa, collecting all the essential documents required for immigration and citizenship. Our immigration partners are practicing solicitors and have experience of guiding people with the process with thorough knowledge and care.

We ensure a smooth and guaranteed transition to the United Kingdom and specialise in offering assistance with immigration for the UK. Our team designs a smooth workflow for getting your Tier 4 Student Visa. Our immigration partners are recognised as one of the leading immigration law firms in the UK.

It has a team of specialist lawyers and support staff of great ability and experience which brings the best support to our international students applications for Tier 4 Student Visa and other immigration services.

Enquire now to assist you with your Tier 4 Student Visa application.

University progression

Our mission is rooted in its desire to support individual personal transformation for aspiring students and this will be reflected in the quality of our delivery of qualifications.

All our delivered qualifications have progression standing, which means our learners can be assured of the University Progression commitment to their success during and after their studies.

Our Universities comply with Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) guidelines and align with the UK Qualifications Framework.