Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Mishandling a crisis, or failing to prepare for an emergency, can bankrupt an organization and lead to serious sanctions against company leaders.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Many organizational crises in the Banking and Finance sector begin with a series of small trigger incidents, combined with the refusal of senior management to take these emerging threats seriously.
This course prepares company managers and leaders to accurately anticipate and plan for crisis situations. The course then demonstrates how to organize and respond to a crisis, including by way of designing, building, implementing and reviewing Business Continuity Plans and Crisis Recovery Strategies from the Banking and Finance sector.

1. Understand dominant theories, key case studies, and practices of crisis management and wider business resilience
2. Critically evaluate crisis leadership case studies within the context of disaster response and emergency planning
3. Explain how we can learn and develop ‘crisis leadership’ and ‘business resilience’, including necessary planning and preparation frameworks
4. Undergo practical exercises including mock media interviews and Executive Board presentations that relate to the three key stages of Crisis Management: preparation, response and recovery
5. Understand and implement the key crisis management planning and risk assessment techniques and frameworks, including ISO standards
6. Understand and explain how cyber security and incident response fit within crisis management planning and wider business resilience optimization.

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