Education Guidance for Learners



At MKNCC, we help you get access unique, top-notch educational universities and colleges in the UK.
Students from all over the world are drawn to study and dwell in different nations due to the wide range of job prospects available.
We help you choose, apply for, and obtain admission to the UK colleges and universities by guiding you through a simple process.
Furthermore, the main issue at this point is to get familiar with the requirements for the admissions procedure and other formalities. We are well-equipped to assist you in choosing the best educational option and the desired country thanks to our extensive relationships with reputable universities and educational institutions abroad.
Our team create an efficient process for obtaining your Tier 4 Student Visa. We work with the top immigration law firms in the UK. These firms are backed by highly skilled and experienced support staff members and expert lawyers that provide the greatest assistance for our overseas students’ requests for Tier 4 Student Visas and other immigration services.

University Progression

Our main motive is to encourage aspiring students’ personal growth on an individual level, and this will be shown in how well we deliver certifications. Our learners may be confident in the University Progression commitment to their success both during and after their studies because all of the degrees we deliver have progression standing. Our Universities comply with the UK Qualifications Framework and Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) standards.

Our Network

Our carefully selected group of universities stands out from the competition by employing top-tier experts in each of their specialised specialties. We provide our students with a wide range of options so they can expand their horizons both physically and online and build their own constellation of success-oriented chances. The network gains from utilising the collaboration of this vibrant atmosphere, enabling students and institutions to identify and plan to accomplish their objectives in a constantly changing context.