Level 11 Diploma in Business & Marketing Strategy (SCQF Level 11 / RQF Level 7)

The aims of this programme will allow learners to:
   ⦁ Gain a sound and coherent foundation in marketing, such that they will be able to define and execute practical marketing interventions that exist in professional practice
   ⦁ Synthesize and critically evaluate theoretical frameworks of strategic marketing, business ethics, designand innovation as applied to marketing
   ⦁ Demonstrate an understanding of the practical value of these frameworks in a range of strategic business situations
   ⦁ Create frameworks for understanding and analysing marketing processes in diverse organisational types, encountering different and changing marketing environments
   ⦁ Develop practical research and analytical capabilities in the context of market-driven strategy, and in particular in the formulation of value propositions in provider-customer relationships
   ⦁ Review, modify, synthesize and apply transferable marketing concepts and skills in the management of product and market development, in particular from the strategic perspective
   ⦁ Critically assess market-sourced data and information from a variety of organisations and use this for strategic marketing and decision-making
   ⦁ Evaluate a variety of creative approaches to product and service design, creativity and innovation that may contribute to organisational wealth.

SCQF stands for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. It is a framework designed to help individuals understand and compare qualifications and learning experiences in Scotland. The framework helps learners to make informed decisions about their education and training, and provides a way for employers and educational institutions to understand the level and content of qualifications. The SCQF has 12 levels, with Level 1 representing the most basic qualifications and Level 12 representing the highest level of academic achievement. The framework covers a range of learning experiences, including formal qualifications, such as degrees and vocational qualifications, and non-formal learning experiences, such as work-based training and community-based learning. The SCQF also provides a way to transfer credit and qualifications between different learning experiences. This means that learners can use credits and qualifications gained in one context to progress to another learning opportunity, which can be particularly useful for individuals who want to switch careers or gain new skills. Overall, the SCQF provides a transparent and flexible way to understand and compare qualifications and learning experiences in Scotland.

Module 1: Global Marketing
Module 2: Marketing for SME, Charity and the Public Sector
Module 3: Marketing Management in Practice
Module 4: Strategic Financial Management
Module 5: Strategic Management

About the Course



TYPE: Vocational Related Qualification

Level: Diploma (Level 11)

Credit Equivalency: 120 Credits

Course Duration: 12 Months

Start Date: Every 2 Months

Study Mode: Distance Learning | Study Centre

Cost: Please get in touch with us to get the most up-to-date course fee for this programme

Study Method: The course is typically delivered through a combination of classroom-based learning, practical projects, and work placements. Students will be assessed through a variety of methods, including written assignments, presentations, and practical assessments.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements may vary, but students are typically expected to have a Bachelors degree in a related subject preferably taught and delivered in english, or 3 years managerial work experience in a business environment. Your existing educational qualifications and work experience will be directly taken into account, allowing for module exemptions whenever possible. You are expected to have a recongised english certificate to demonstrate your english language proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Please make an enquiry below

EduQual Approved Centre

For further details and recommended reading please go to our guidance for learners published by our awarding body. This can be downloaded from our website

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