Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security

The Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security is a vocational qualification designed for individuals who are looking to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security.

The qualification covers the following areas:
   ⦁ The ability to read and utilise relevant technical and security literature (including threat intelligence feeds) with a full understanding; the ability to think independently and solve potential overarching cyber security issues within a business or organisation
   ⦁ Applying subject knowledge and understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems in the cyber security and digital risk management domains
   ⦁ Recognising the moral and ethical issues of business practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct, including in relation to conducting investigations, audits and incident responses
   ⦁ An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of cyber security within business and service provision and wider operating environments and supply chains
   ⦁ Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject, in a mature way; engage in credible debate and dialogue both with specialists and non-specialists in relation to cyber securityrelated issues and challenges
   ⦁ Transferable skills and knowledge – including Project Management and Incident Response - which will enable individuals to meet changing environments and risks
   ⦁ Motivate individuals to progress to further professional development through future study or as part of their chosen career
   ⦁ Instill and embed a sense of understanding and respect of the global nature of the cyber threat environment; as well as the criticality of respecting, anticipating and learning from diverse, international business practices and the global operating context.

The qualification is suitable for individuals who have some prior knowledge or experience in cyber security and are looking to develop their skills to an advanced level or who are looking to progress their career in the cyber security industry.

Module 1: Cyber Security Threat and Risk
Module 2: Network Security and Data Communications
Module 3: Database Security and Computer Programming
Module 4: Incident Response, Investigations and Forensics
Module 5: Security Strategy
Laws, Policies and Implementation.
Module 6: Cyber Security Threats and Risk:
Banking and Finance.

About the Course


TYPE: Vocational Related Qualification

Level: Diploma (Level 4)

Credit Equivalency: 120 Credits

Course Duration: 12 Months

Start Date: Every 2month

Study Mode: Distance Learning | Study Centre

Cost: Please get in touch with us to get the most up-to-date course fee for this programme

Study Method: The course is typically delivered through a combination of classroom-based learning, practical projects, and work placements. Students will be assessed through a variety of methods, including written assignments, presentations, and practical assessments.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements may vary, but students are typically expected to have a Level 3 qualification in a related subject, or relevant work experience in a business environment. Your existing educational qualifications and work experience will be directly taken into account, allowing for module exemptions whenever possible. You are expected to have a recongised english certificate to demonstrate your english language proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Please make an enquiry below

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For further details and recommended reading please go to our guidance for learners published by our awarding body. This can be downloaded from our website

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