Level 4 Diploma in Health & Social Care

The Level 4 Diploma in Health and Social Care is a vocational qualification designed for individuals who are looking to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of health and social care. The qualification is suitable for individuals who are already working in the sector or who are looking to start a career in health and social care.

The qualification covers the following areas:
   1. Analysing, synthesising and summarising information critically.
   2. The ability to read and use appropriate literature with a full and critical understanding the ability to think independently and solve problems.
   3. Apply subject knowledge and understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems.
   4. Recognise the moral and ethical issues of health and social care practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.
   5. An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of health and social care service provision.
   6. Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject, assemble arguments in a mature way and engage in debate and dialogue both with specialists and non-specialists.
   7. Transferable skills and knowledge which will enable individuals to meet changing needs.
   8. Circumstances, whether within their own area of employment, or through promotion to a supervisory or management position, or to adapt to changes in the health/social care environment.
   9. To motivate individuals to progress to further professional development through future study or as part of their chosen career.

This diploma acts as a pathway qualification to the BA (Hons) Management Final Stage from one of our Pathway Progression Partners

Module 1: Academic Study Skills
Module 2: Communication for Health and Social Care
Module 3: An Introduction to Healthcare Policy
Module 4: Reflective Practice
Module 5: Managing People in Health and Social Care
Module 6: Sociology Concepts in Health and Ill Health

About the Course


TYPE: Vocational Related Qualification

Level: Diploma (Level 4)

Credit Equivalency: 120 Credits

Course Duration: 12 Months

Start Date: Every 2 Months

Study Mode: Distance Learning | Study Centre

Cost: Please get in touch with us to get the most up-to-date course fee for this programme

Study Method: The course is typically delivered through a combination of classroom-based learning, practical projects, and work placements. Students will be assessed through a variety of methods, including written assignments, presentations, and practical assessments.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements may vary, but students are typically expected to have a Level 3 qualification in a related subject, or relevant work experience in a healthcare environment. Students are expected to have achieved GCSE Level or equivalent. Your existing educational qualifications and work experience are essential and will be directly taken into account, allowing for module exemptions whenever possible. You should be engaged in an appropriate setting to apply program knowledge into practice in the real world. You are expected to have a recongised english certificate to demonstrate your english language proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Please make an enquiry below.

To achieve the qualification, learners must complete a range of assessments, including written assignments, practical projects, and exams. They will also need to demonstrate their understanding and application of key principles and theories in health and social care.

Qualifi Approved Centre

For further details and recommended reading please go to our guidance for learners published by our awarding body. This can be downloaded from our website

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