Diploma Courses in Information Technology

Courses in information technology are designed to give students technical expertise and training. They might examine the production, processing, and storage of electronic data as well as issues with technology, software, and artificial intelligence.

Information Technology Course

Our Information Technology Course Offerings

MKNCC Global

Level 4 Diploma in Information Technology

9 Months

This level offers a career path for students who want to build a solid foundation of knowledge and abilities that will enable them to engage in a range of information technology (IT)-related positions, particularly in programming, website design, or PC…….

Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology


This qualification offers students a career path for acquiring a comprehensive base of knowledge and abilities that will enable them to work in a range of IT sector roles, particularly in.NET development, system administration, and network security……

MKNCC Global

Level 7 Diploma in Data Sciences


To help aspiring data scientists, data analysts, and artificial intelligence specialists take advantage of the expanding business and job prospects in these disciplines, the Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science has been created…..

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